Whole30 #2, Day 2

Day 1 of my second Whole30 is in the books. It was fine, but these kind of things always start off well… I’m sure the cravings will set in, especially considering we are having people over for a party on Saturday and my birthday is in a week. But, knowing how much this will help me feel, I will persevere.

My doctor’s appointment was interesting – he had me get a lower back X-Ray and it turns out there is some compression between my L5 and S1, which could be a bulging disc. An MRI will clear things up, but my doctor thinks that could be why I feel more pain in my lower back, hips and legs (especially with the radiating pain down my legs) than I do in my other trigger points. He agreed that the lack of sleep could be an issue too and likely everything is related.

I got a massage last night and the therapist worked on my shoulder trigger points, but when I told her those didn’t bother me as much as the others, she focused her attention there. She mentioned that she would write some notes on my chart and other therapists have done the same, which showed that my trigger points have been an issue since at least 2015 (when I had my first massage there). She also commented that my quads were tight, whereas my hamstrings are not. That imbalance could be an issue as well. It’s definitely something to look into….

I started off sleeping better again last night (my doc gave me a sample of a new sleep-aid), but once I woke up, I couldn’t go back to sleep, as has been happening lately. But, this time, I recognized I was exhausted and there was nothing preventing me from going back to sleep. I tried for a while and eventually decided that maybe my body has just become used to this pattern. I took a hot bath in the middle of the night to disrupt the pattern and afterwards, I fell asleep easily. Interesting… Still not a great night’s sleep, but I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Positive changes… Something I hope to see more of!

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