Now that I’m in my 40s, I feel a strong pull to delve into holistic nutrition, after spending so much time trying to embrace worldly ideals. We live in a culture that is centered on convenience and a “feel good” mentality. The problem is this is all allusion. Poor nutrition doesn’t really feel good, but you may have to distance yourself from it in order to recognize this.

I’ve been journaling my odyssey into holistic nutrition since the  beginning of the year. I feel led to blog about my progress, struggles, and what I learn along the way. I hope it will help others in their own journey to holistic healing.


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Baby Steps

My three week business trip provided many opportunities for poor nutrition.  Honestly, I am glad that I decided to stop the Whole30 prior to going, as it would have definitely affected the team atmosphere of the class.  I wasn’t entirely bad – I purposely chose not to contribute to the “snack fund” so I wouldn’t … Continue reading Baby Steps

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