Whole30 #2, Day 3

What a difference a night of sleep makes… I slept for 7:18 with only 57 minutes of awake time (better than the 2-4 hours I’ve been averaging lately). I also got 58 minutes of deep sleep. It was pretty nice! I did take another of those sleep aids from the doctor and I had the bed to myself. I was even cold enough in the middle of the night to return the air-conditioner to our normal temperature (I’ve had to drop it 2 degrees over the past few weeks). The dogs even slept with me for a little while, like usual and my son put them to bed when he went to bed.

Consequently, I feel like I have some energy today. My lower back, hips, and legs still hurt, but the ibuprofen I took has relieved most of the my discomfort. It has also been easier to deal with crazy work stress today (yesterday, that didn’t go so well, unfortunately, but luckily there were no causalities).

I still haven’t made it to the grocery store to truly prepare for the Whole30. I made a quick trip to purchase a cake for our party on Sunday, and I picked up some broccoli, but no groceries for home. Since I could not locate the broccoli I planned to have with dinner, I got creative with random produce I found dying in the refrigerator. I located red potatoes, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, garlic, and onion, cut them all up, and threw them in a pot with some coconut oil and a little water (as they started to cook). I added basil and oregano and just let everything cook. I’m not sure what it was, but it was actually decent and Whole30 compliant. I am not really sure why potatoes are allowed on the Whole30 (as it goes against everything I’ve ever been taught), and I generally only eat them during crawfish boils, but hey, it worked.

Speaking of which, is a crawfish boil whole30 compliant? It should be… well, not counting the corn or sausage (I don’t see a problem with it being in the same pot, just don’t eat it). I Googled the Whole30 forums and they said something about people using butter. I don’t know whose crawfish boils these folks have attended, but last time I checked, in order to boil crawfish, you use:water, crawfish, potatoes, corn, sausage, lemons, salt, celery, garlic, and Zatarain’s… oh, that might be a problem… Dangit:


But, in theory, you could make your own crab boil without MSG and sugar…. Something to definitely consider and remember for the future! I should have a Whole30 compliant crawfish boil!!

Anyway, sorry for the digression. Glad I am feeling well enough to multitask on my blog and not lose my train of thought… Yay for another good day!

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