The End of the Blog… not the end of the story

I’ve enjoyed this blog tremendously since beginning a few years ago. You’ve likely noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted and that some time had passed before those last few attempts. I mentioned that I was on a long-term work assignment and that assignment extended longer than I expected. It also changed the trajectory of my career. While all of this is still vitally important to me, I don’t have the time I previously did to write. I also have decided to become more private with what I share.

Thank you all for reading my journey and just know that I am still that crazy person who likes to experiment on herself to decide how to improve her health… I’m also still that crazy person who takes her healthy nutritional choices for granted and loves to travel back into the depth of “bad food,” quickly remembering why I gave those habits up! After leaving here, I hope to become more of that first person I described… haha.

I wish you all the best on your own personal journey to a better you!!

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