The Overnight Effect of Sugar

I haven’t overindulged in sugar in a while, but last night, I had a cookie and some ice cream. I knew I would pay for that sin, and boy am I…

I wish I had a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to capture the blood sugar gymnastics, but all I have is heart rate data, morning blood sugar data, hot flashes all night, and a stomach ache like you wouldn’t believe!!

My normal heart rate from the hours of 8pm-5am is low and trends down. Here is the data for Thursday from my FitBit.


Isn’t that lovely? That’s what my body usually does…. You’ll see the same start to Friday because I ate well on Thursday, but the disaster begins Friday evening. Check it out!!


Hot flashes like crazy and I could feel my heart rate was faster! Surely it restored by morning though? Nope….. not even close!

Saturday morning

My stomach is awful, the hot flashes continued. I looked down at my monitor in the middle of the night and my pulse was 118!!

I took my blood pressure (BP) as always, when I first woke up. It was fine… my pulse, a different story. It’s usually 60-70 for this first BP measurement…. today, it was 107.

While I don’t have a CGM and I didn’t take a maximum blood glucose last night, I did take my morning blood sugar, as always. It’s usually 70s-80s, maybe in the 90s if I eat some carbs, a little over 100 sometimes on a bad day…. This morning, it was 121mg/dL!

I expect the pulse to remain high until the blood sugar is normal, and then the pulse will start to settle. My body despises sugar and will not stop until it’s gone… I think Robert Lustig is right, sugar is a poison!! At least my body thinks so!

You may wonder how this happened, since I clearly have enough evidence that I can’t eat ice cream… I had a coupon for a free cookie at Zoe’s Kitchen that was expiring.  I ate perfectly all week and met my weight goal for the week.  Originally, the cookie was going to be my treat for a job well done.  However, then my brain told me that I might as well enjoy happy hour with my husband, since I was going to lose my ketosis due to the cookie.  So, we went and had some wine and appetizers.  Then, my brain started thinking about ice cream, and how much could it hurt?

Yeah…. sugar is addictive, especially when you have a little alcohol to go with it! Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not true!

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