Pose of the Week – Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana II, better known to most people as “Warrior II,” is a great standing strength pose.  It’s one of those poses I once underestimated as being too basic.  I thought I should be doing all fancy, advanced poses, and poses like Warrior II were too simplistic.  I have since changed my mind on that notion, and you would too if you ever held this pose for an appreciable amount of time!

At this point, rather than take pictures and write my own descriptions, I am doing to use resources available on the Internet to share the poses I choose with you.  I like the site “Yoga Journal,” but they do have a ton of ads… Sorry about that, but for me, it’s worth the ads to read their content.

Here is their explanation on Warrior II:  Yoga Journal Warrior II

I like Warrior II because it increases stamina and allows you to focus more clearly and lessen distraction.  It also strengthens your legs, opens your hips, and stretches your chest and shoulders.  Another benefit is that it stimulates digestion!

I had the perfect opportunity to utilize this pose yesterday when I was frustrated and on the verge of tears.  I chose appropriate praise music and for six and a half minutes, solely focused on Warrior II.  I held each side for approximately three minutes each, deepening the stretch in my legs as the time progressed.  During my short practice, I was able to concentrate fully and kept my thoughts prayerful.  I ended my time calm, relaxed, and able to get past the obstacle that was pulling me down.  It’s amazing that one yoga pose can correct my focus and allow me to recover from a detrimental situation.

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