3rd Challenge – 12-Week Goals

I learned in 2nd 90-Day Challenge Goal Results that I’m probably not ready for “soft” goals, so I have decided to go back to SMART goals for this 12-weeks (this planner is a 12-week planner, not a 90-day one, as I am still experimenting with different formats to find a planner I like).    The encouragement for setting goals in this planner was to make them challenging – I think I achieved that!  But, if I can meet these goals, I feel like I will have made great progress in both my personal health and future plans of having a formal Health Coach business/ministry.

Goal 1:  Reach my goal weight of 120-pounds for the first time

Well, since high school… and maybe I was around this weight (or even less) briefly after Chalin was born.  There’s a picture of me cutting down sugar cane to eat (that’s a long story) where I look super skinny).  Regardless, I have spent a lot of time “close” to my goal, but I have never made it there.  I spent some time thinking about the reason for that.  I’ve never considered myself a “fear” person, but I think that might be the problem here.  My fear is that once I make the effort to reach 120-pounds, I will find it’s not good enough.

I guess that’s why I’ve always kept my weight goals as just a meaningless number (you kind of need one in the back of your mind; even MyFitnessPal makes you have one).  My Weight Watchers goal was always the upper number in the weight range for my height (132 pounds); the motivation there was to be a lifetime member and attend meetings for free.  I never really thought about what I should weigh.  I picked 120-pounds because that’s what I weighed in high school and while I always thought I was fat back then, I really wasn’t, so I think it would be a good place to be.  I need to get over this fear that it might not be good enough – because it might not be…. Maybe I’ll have to lose more fat and build more muscle.  Who knows… I won’t know until I have a Dexascan and Fit3D at that weight.

That goal isn’t that far away (and it was even closer a couple of months ago), so it’s time to stop making excuses and just do it!

Goal 2:  Practice yoga for an average of 7 hours per week

This one is insanely ambitious.  I my original idea was 4 hours per week and I felt that was not challenging enough, as I considered two main issues.  First, my fitness program currently consists of yoga and nothing else.  I am not lifting; I am not running; I am not doing aerobics.  I want to know if I can sustain and even improve my VO2 max, strength, body fat, and level of physical fitness solely from doing yoga and eating well.

I recognize that in order to do this, I need variety in my yoga practice.  This is why I increased the goal to 7 hours a week.  If I left it at 4 hours, I know me… I would go to aerial yoga three times a week and take one mat class and call it a week.  If I missed an aerial class, I could make it up with an extra mat class.  Done… but that’s not what I’m going for.

I have gotten accustomed to taking my fitness hours at the end of the day to attend classes at the Y, but that’s not going to be happening anymore due to staffing requirements at work.  Long story, but bottom line, my fitness time needs to be in the morning or during the workday.  That opens up three hours per week for a different approach to yoga.  I keep telling myself that on my days off from class that I am going to start practicing the Ashtanga Series on my own.  I haven’t started….  I also keep telling myself that I am going to start a “yoga pose of the week” blog and really focus on that during my personal practice during that week.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a personal practice at this time…  That needs to change, especially if I want to do a yoga certification and sub at the Y.

By making the goal seven hours, I will be forced to find time to practice yoga at home, during the work day, and at the gym when not in class.  I will be able to start progressing on the Astanga series and dive more deeply into poses that interest me.  Doing a combination of yoga styles: aerial, regular mat, hot yoga, flow, power, etc. will help me get a variety of heart rate training and strength training.  It should further improve my stress, blood pressure, digestion, strength, balance and flexibility.  It’s my best chance for yoga to succeed as a one-type-fits-all fitness routing.

Goal 3:  Make an “A” in my first Hawthorn University course and learn everything I can

This will be my first course towards the Masters of Holistic Nutrition Degree and I want to start of on a high note.  Since the classes are one at a time (each lasting ~2 months), this will also help me understand my new work flow, as well as the interview that is required for each class, and the timing of the tuition reimbursement process for work.  This will help me establish my schedule, so I can move through the program with ease.  Of course, I first have to be officially accepted and select a start date, but I’m assuming that will happen soon ;).

Goal 4:  Start sharing educational article on http://www.sciencespeaks.com and migrate my other blogs, so everything is hosted by BlueHost

This is probably the scariest of all of the goals and something I would likely procrastinate on if I didn’t make it a goal.  Basically, what needs to happen is that I will use Blue Host to host my blog sites.  They already keep tabs on my http://www.sciencespeaks.com domain that I have held onto for 11 years now, but it hasn’t been developed into a website for probably 9-10 of those years (and the website it used to be left a lot to be desired).  I actually received an offer to sell it a few years ago, and the Blue Host guy recently told me he thought it was an awesome website name.  I’m excited to resurrect my domain from the graveyard and look forward to it being my educational component to blogging.  I feel like it’s supposed to actually be something not just a domain I pay $15/year to down (or whatever it costs these days)!

My original goal was to use it to so I could become a public speaking consultant for those in science (some super brilliant folks struggle a little when it comes to communication), but the more I looked into the feasibility, the less promising that seemed.  The majority of my potential customers would be from academia, and people from academia can barely pay for their research, so receiving an income from such training was a stretch.   I also needed to be a technical speaker in order to illustrate my communication skills!  While I’ve done tons of presentations and training through my careers, I never developed that personal niche.  Well, now I have it.

I can use http://www.sciencespeaks.com to share technical writings, interpretation of research articles, how-to guides, Powerpoint presentations, video lectures, etc. to help people improve their health.  I will keep my personal results here on Holistic Odyssey, but general educational resources will be published on Science Speaks.

In order to achieve this goal, I have to migrate my existing blogs to Blue Host, pray they come over in good condition, and then learn their web publishing software and hopefully figure out a way to make a nice site that actually gets traffic.  All of this is new to me!  I started on WordPress just waiting for myself; the fact that anyone decided to follow me was a complete shock.  Now I’m gaining the confidence to take blogging to the next level, and it will start with this goal!

Wish me luck!!

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