2nd 90-Day Challenge Numbers

I mentioned in my previous blog, 2nd 90-Day Challenge Goal Results, that while my soft goals went okay, I wasn’t super happy with my overall nutritional progress.  Basically, my weight and measurements headed in the wrong direction, although not in an unrepairable way.

It’s funny… I saw it coming.  I used my data tracking spreadsheet from the first 90-days as a template for the second challenge, but simplified it since my goals weren’t nutritionally based.  One of the aspects I kept was my ongoing weight plot.  Basically, I just erased the data for the first 90-day plot but left the graph and the regression line to auto-populate as I added my new data.

I noticed right away that the regression line was headed in the wrong direction.  In fact, I posted about that in Happy Birthday to Me, but I really didn’t implement a long-term solution to the trend.  At the end of 90-days, the upward trend remained.  I worked hard in the last two weeks to reverse the damage, but in the end, my weight went from 125.2 pounds at the beginning of this 90-day period to 131.2 pounds at the end.

Here is where that plot ended up at the end of 90-days.  Ouch… The increase was from the second ten days of the CGM study and then the empty space was vacation.  Luckily, post vacation, the trend was headed back in the right direction.


I had a total of 24 “good” days nutritionally (defined by me as less than 50g of net carbs), 18 “okay” days (50-100g net carbs), and 48 “bad” days (more than 100g net carbs).  I did not record nutritional data on my 10-day vacation.  This was worse than last 90-days (where I had 45 “good” days, 22 “okay” days and 23 “bad” days, so it’s time to reverse that!  That was described Three Months!!

I decided to push my Fit3D scan back a week or two… No one said I had to do them monthly, just 12 per year and I don’t need to see what this looks like in all its glory. I have been seeing myself in the mirror lately, so I’m good!  I’ll reschedule for next week and hopefully be ready to see it then!

My blood work is doing well… My bicarbonate (which was starting to worry me) has elevated on the past two measurements.  My insulin is at 4.2mIU/mL, which isn’t as low as it was, but after what I did to it with the CGM study and vacation, I think it’s perfect.

My vitamin D has reached a max of 21.7ng/mL, which is up from 19.0ng/mL in April.  I guess it’s just a slow process, but I’ve seen improvement with UVB therapy rather than supplements.  I started at 15 back in August of last year, so it may not be speedy, but it’s slowly happening.  I will try and work up the time I can stay in the UV without burning to see if I can increase it more.  I’m super fair, so burning is my biggest concern.

The most exciting part is my lipid panel… My total cholesterol is at 218mg/dL!  It hasn’t been that low since August of 2018, but at that time, it my HDL wasn’t great.  Now my HDL is 62mg/dL, tying my all-time best from April.  My LDL is now at 143mg/dL, lowest since August 2018.  And, my triglycerides have hit a new record… 65mg/dL.  My ratios are as follows:

Cholesterol/HDL=3.5 (new record)

LDL/HDL=2.3 (new record)

Triglycerides/HDL=1.05 (second only to April’s measurement)

All of the are deemed healthy!  No statins for this chic!!!

Everything else on my blood work looks great.  I have noticed that my BUN (and thus my BUN/creatinine ratio) have crept up in the past months, as has my mean corpuscular volume.  So far, my doctor isn’t concerned, but we will watch them and make sure I’m not dehydrated during my next draw.  I don’t think I was, but I’ve gotten out of the practice of measuring how much water I’m drinking, so I probably need to start doing that again.

New 12-week goals (and they’re ambitious) coming tomorrow!!



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