2nd 90-Day Challenge Goal Results

I have a confession to make… There was a decline in my personal nutrition during the second 90-day challenge.  I assumed my forward progress from the first 90-days would sustain me throughout this period, so I focused my goals in a “softer” area.  I don’t know if that was bad or good, as it definitely shifted my focus overall, but, it didn’t help my day-to-day progress.

That’s the bad news for me and I will detail those changes once I finalize my blood work and measurements tomorrow…. but, since my goals weren’t based upon any of that, it’s not the end of the story.

My main goal for this 90-days was: “Leading others, by example, to make positive changes regarding their health and well-being to help fulfill my God-given purpose.”

My sub goals for this 90-days all related to the main goal. They were:

Address my issues of stress and digestion

Learn all I can from A&P and more

Begin a wellness coach program

Soft goals may not be motivational from a personal nutrition standpoint, but they are helpful for overall direction and determining the best path to follow moving forward.  From that perspective, I feel like my goals were beneficial.  I spent a lot of time in prayer, reflecting on what I want for my future, and trying to discern God’s will.  That was hard, but my planner and these soft goals did help me in that area.  I have decided the direction I want to go in regarding health and nutrition and I believe this is the best route for me and my family.

In Quick Update, I first publicly mentioned my desire to attend medical school.  I took two semesters of biology at the local community college to improve my chances of being selected and make up for my lack of biology courses as an undergraduate.  I loved my classes, especially Anatomy and Physiology, and I love volunteering with my doctor and having the opportunity to shadow him as he sees patients.  Attending medical school would be awesome and I would learn so much. However, I have accepted that it would not be wise to embark on that journey at this point in my life.

It wasn’t any one thing that motivated this decision, but rather several factors that worked together.  A major one is financial – while the program is “free” for those who are accepted, I would have to quit my job to attend.  That’s a tough consequence… especially when you consider the benefits I would lose.  Also, my job provides for my family and offers an opportunity for me to minister to others, if this passion of mine can be a hobby instead of a full-time career. I don’t know what the future will hold, but for now (especially with children still at home), I need to consider that.

Second is the time it would take me to be able to help other people.  Medical school is a long, arduous road, and I wouldn’t be able to moonlight as a health coach, yoga instructor, or anything that would put me in a position to work with other people.  Instead, I would have to wait until my residency and internships to see patients.  Then, as a student, I wouldn’t be able to buck the system of “medicine” that is practiced today.  I would have to play by the rules and make decisions that are in line with current health care ideals.  Since I feel our medical system is broken and needs to change, this would present a significant moral conflict for me.

Finally, I don’t want to alienate my family due to my study commitments.  I don’t do anything half-way and my family experienced my lack of free-time during the spring semester, where I took two semesters of A&P and Biology II (all three with labs).  If I attended medical school, I would never see them!

I’ve learned that there are needs that can be met right now.  I don’t have to be the one to order the blood work or diagnose diseases to help people improve the quality of their lives naturally. I can work with a doctor who favors a holistic approach to medicine and help clients manage the more day-to-day aspects of their health.  Considering that I’m more interested in a personal relationship with clients than seeing how many I can see in a day, this makes more sense.  I can work as a health coach and continue my quest for knowledge in nutrition and functional medicine, as I seek to understand what drives the metabolic problems I am trying to help remedy in a natural manner.

A couple years ago, I looked into holistic nutrition programs, but there was only one that I really liked.  It was a clinical based program that offered a rigorous scientific component.  Unfortunately, at the time, they were not able to accept students from my state. I wrote it off and started considering other possibilites.

Around the time I was wrestling with these decisions about medical school, their admissions counselor emailed me to let me know they now were able to accept students from my state and their program had been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.  I was intrigued because this was definitely a win-win.  Not only was I able to pursue their holistic nutrition degree, I could do so while working and “for free”, utilizing my employer’s Tuition Assistance Program.  It sounds like the perfect opportunity for me and my future goals.

I have applied to this program and should be accepted very shortly.  I will then complete a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition and be a Health Coach, at least for now.  I may start out coaching my friends while going through this program, but it’s a start and will give me experience.  As I gain experience, certifications, and education, I hope to broaden my scope. By doing it this way, I can start making a difference in the lives of others slowly, but surely.

This seems to be a detour concerning my goals for this 90-days.  Did I meet them?  I don’t know, maybe…  Maybe not exactly… But, I did clarify my direction and plans for my future, so that may be better than specifically achieving goals.  Besides, these goals weren’t exactly “SMART” to begin with, so it’s a little more complicated…

Here are my goals again with a few comments on what happened during this 90-days:

My main goal for this 90-days was: “Leading others, by example, to make positive changes regarding their health and well-being to help fulfill my God-given purpose.”

I didn’t lead my example in the way I assumed I would, but that’s okay.  I have had good days and bad ones, but at the end, my vision is unchanged.  I am committed to continually improving my health, even if I had periods where things aren’t perfect.  I have done enough to maintain my health improvements, even if I didn’t increase them much.  I know how to get back on the wagon and how much I can deviate before needing to pull back.  I do want to improve my consistency (see my next set of goals), but I’m okay with where I am and how things went during this challenge.

I have been able to help others improve the quality of their health.  One colleague of mine has used the medical resources I told her about to completely reverse her type 2 diabetes.  Her doctor officially took her off of insulin while I was on vacation.  I was so excited for her.  She’s lost over twenty pounds, looks, and feels amazing.  I am so proud of her and she is getting the word out to all of her friends that metabolic diseases are reversible!  One person at a time… that’s what it’s all about!

My sub goals for this 90-days all related to the main goal. They were:

Address my issues of stress and digestion

I’m doing much better in both areas.  Yoga is a lifesaver for me in terms of stress.  In fact, aerial yoga is a source of accountability for my nutrition.  When I’m eating well (or good enough), it’s not overly painful and I can do tricks without problem.  When I’m eating poorly (like during the second half of the CGM study where I embraced the Standard American Diet (SAD) for 10-days and when I returned from vacation), I have a lot of myofascial pain that results from the hammock pressing against me.

Speaking of pain, I had my trigger points completely under control from nutrition and massage (achieved during this 90-day period), but during my ten-days of SAD eating, they all came back with a vengeance.  I had a massage and my body was covered with trigger points and it was back to how I used to feel!

I described my improvement in digestion in Second 90-days, End of Month 1 and it’s been consistent.  I no longer have any pre-conceived notions of how things are supposed to “go” and they “go” better.  Digestion, like many things, seems to be very personalized.  Nutrition definitely plays a role, but “less is more” works well for me.

Learn all I can from A&P and more

I absolutely loved A&P and learned as much as I could.  I wish I had a list of all of the videos from the course, as I would love to watch them again.  Knowledge is a lifelong pursuit for me.  I love to learn… I just need to teach others what I am learning in a way that works for them.

The ability to participate in the Continuous Glucose Monitoring study was such a privilege for me. It gave me an amazing opportunity to better understand my own body and encouraged me to research glucose and insulin responses. I’m not finished sharing everything I’ve learned, but it was so incredible for me, especially since my husband is doing it too!

I also have a website that I haven’t used in years that I will (at some point) roll out as my health education site, which will be a complement to this blog.  It will be located at http://www.sciencespeaks.com.  Nothing is there now, but my plan is to sign up for web hosting and migrate my blogs to be hosted by the same company.  I’m a little nervous about things going wrong and the learning curve of a new site, but that’s my plan going forward.

Begin a wellness coach program

I didn’t exactly do this, but I researched tons of programs and just didn’t find one that I loved (and felt was affordable and appropriate for me).  I’m not saying I won’t get a “Health Coach” type certification; I probably will because it will help me be more credible as a coach, but I feel I will be better served by the Masters program (and there’s a fellowship program that sounds amazing, but it’s a little pricey and there’s no “tuition assistance” for that).  I also have permission to be a fitness coordinator at work, so I will be able to take a training/certification for that.  The particulars have not yet been determined, but this opportunity will provide “Health Coach” experience for me.  I will do the training/certification when it becomes available to me.

My goals this time weren’t super “SMART” as I mentioned, but I have remedied this and will have challenging, appropriate goals moving forward for the next 12-weeks. They will be a great continuation of these last two challenges! More to come regarding that!

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