Coming Soon – Study Results

I have alluded to a research study that I had the opportunity to participate in. I haven’t blogged much during the study because I was busy collecting data and I wanted to finish everything before posting. I won’t give away too many details yet, but I was able to wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor for a total of 20 days. It was an observational study, so I had flexibility on what I was able to eat. It was so awesome!!

Yesterday was the last day of the study and soon, I will be sharing some of what I learned! I have some nutritional data left to estimate and some serious organization to do.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I hope to utilize the device I tested in the future. It’s commercially available right now (not sure about the amazing software) for diabetics using insurance, but the cash prices are pretty expensive. During the study, I heard a podcast by Dr. Peter Attia, where he interviews the CEO of Dexcom and he mentions that he wears one and talks about their benefits. His podcast is available here.

I am excited to share my perspective and hope to get writing in the next couple of weeks! Maybe I’ll have time to get some blogs together on my vacation flights, which start this weekend!

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