Second 90-days, End of Month 1

The first month of the second 90-day challenge is never as exciting as the first month when you’re just started.  Regardless, I’ve hit that mark and there are some thing I want to share.  Here’s what I have learned:

-DHEA does elevate my blood pressure (see What a Difference a Day Makes).  I won’t say my blood pressure has been perfect since I stopped taking it, but it’s definitely improved.

-There is one exception to the statement above… When my neighborhood is flooded and it takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to get home one day and potentially longer another day (I finally cut my losses after three and a half hours and went to decompress somewhere after a very stressful drive through hell and high water, literally), my blood pressure responds poorly.  I saw my first ever “hypertensive crises” after one of those days.  I was able to eventually bring my blood pressure down, but it was obvious that my sympathetic nervous system was doing its job.  The other scenario was almost as bad, but my diastolic number stayed slightly below 120, so that awful message didn’t appear.

-Moderate alcohol on its own does not cause my crazy tachycardia described in Houston, We Have a Problem and Sugar Experiment #1.  I performed the alcohol experiment the night of horrible traffic number one.  My blood pressure started pretty high, but that skyrocket to “hypertensive crises” was right after drinking the 3oz of vodka I used to test my hypothesis.  It was really strange.  The other strange result is that my blood sugar increased from the alcohol despite having zero sugar.  My pulse, however, did nothing spectacular and my AliveCor EKG was unremarkable.  I bought some glucose to do my own glucose tolerance test, but since my first research study related one (from the Continuous Glucose Monitor study) will take place on Tuesday, I may hold off for a while.  There will be additional experiments on this topic to come!

-My cholesterol is at its best levels yet.  My total cholesterol now sits at 231mg/dL.  My HDL has risen to 63mg/dL, leaving my LDL at 156mg/dL.  My VLDL is almost non-existant at 12mg/dL and my triglycerides are an amazing 59mg/dL.  Many doctors would be lining up to give my statins, but I am so thrilled at these results!!

-Speaking of which, my HgA1C is down to 5.0%!  My insulin is still super low at 3.1mIU/mL.  I believe that leads to my tachycardia issues described above, but I still plan to get to the bottom of that.  My BUN crept up this time, maybe because I increased my protein intake some and my CO2 is still on the very low end of normal.  I still want to keep an eye on these.

-Yoga helps my stress immensely.  This last week, we’ve had company, so I haven’t gone much.  There is definitely a negative effect of my stability.

-My digestion seems to work better when I don’t think about it.  I’ve embraced that going every day is not reality for me, and it seems that once I took that pressure off, things seem to be working better, less frequent, but better.  I guess that’s okay.

-The ice cream cravings seem to be slowly improving!!  I don’t want to jinx myself, so that’s all I will say!

-I am eating out way more than I had been.  Thankfully, many of my choices have been appropriate, but I want to get back to cooking more and eating more salads.  I feel better when I do.

-I finished my biology exam and my 2nd semester anatomy and physiology exam.  I still have plenty to lear from A&P, but I am glad the pressure is over.  I will start looking into my next learning endeavor!

Overall, my month went okay nutritionally and weight-wise (I haven’t done my 3D measurements yet; I will likely go on Saturday).  I had 7 good days (less than 50g net carbs), 11 okay days (50-100g of net carbs, and 12 “bad” days (more than 100g net carbs).  Again, no awards for nutrition, but I do see myself making better decisions when I eat out.

My weight is higher on Day 28 than Day 1 by one pound (I chose Day 28 rather than Day 30 because we had family in town over that weekend and I had two really bad days in a row to end the month; don’t worry, it didn’t last), but that’s okay.  It’s also okay that I ended the 30 days by going to several food-related events and Cinco de Mayo and then the Astros game.  It all works out in the end when you’re consistent more often than not.

I will be getting my continuous glucose monitor for the study on Tuesday.  I will have the opportunity to play with it for 28-days and I cannot wait!  There are so many things I want to try.  I’m not sure what will happen to my weight during that month, as a lot of what I want to try is to push the sugar limits to see what my body can handle, but thankfully I know what to do if I put on a few pounds!

I have some pretty exciting things in store for this month.  I hope you’re looking forward to seeing my ideas, as much as I am to share them!  I hope you all stay healthy and keep loving yourself where you are in the process.

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