Houston, We Have a Problem

My body does not like a large influx of carbs/sugar. I been noticing this for a while now. It started right after my initial fast when I drank some beer and had awful fast food cravings. I don’t think I blogged about that day, but I did talk about it on Facebook. Basically, I felt horrible for two days after consuming beer and fast food.

As time has gone on, I have noticed that my body acts like I have the flu when I eat poorly. I described an example in the blog What Leading By Example Is Not…, but it wasn’t a new phenomenon when I posted that blog.

Usually when I make poor decisions, it’s really terrible and I believe that I deserve to feel sick because I’m being punished for my behavior. That happened on Friday. I chose to eat breakfast, a large buffet lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant (although most of my food choices were good, I did eat herbed flatbread and baklava), drinks and dinner with my husband (again, some smart lower carb choices, but definitely not perfect), and I finished up with evil ice cream.

I woke up at 1am with a racing pulse, stomach ache, and a feverish feeling.  It felt like I was having a hot flash or I had the flu.  I understood the ramifications of my decisions. I didn’t check my blood glucose after eating, but when I got out of bed in the middle of the night, it was 109mg/dL. Not ideal by any means, but not a level where I would have expected to be experiencing those symptoms. But, I could only blame myself and felt guilty for my bad decisions.

I’ve mentioned my heart rate issue before and how it climbs during my sleep after high carb meals. Check it out what happened Friday night/Saturday morning – it’s crazy!!

For comparison, this is what my heart rate does normally when I sleep (this was Thursday night).

On Saturday, I planed to eat in an appropriate low-carb manner, but some events happened that justified a nice lunch repeat of the previous nights’ drinks and dinner.  I even made better food selections than I had the previous night. I decided to follow it up with a smaller serving of ice cream dessert with a known carb/sugar amount. This was the only meal I had on Saturday and I figured having it for lunch would give my body a chance to deal with it.

It turns out that I felt the exact same way on Saturday, during the day, as I had on Friday night and you can see that in my heart rate data shown above.  My pulse increased for absolutely no reason after eating and then stays around 120 beats per minute for a while before coming back down. I was not active at all on Saturday, in fact, I had to sleep off the negative effects from 3:45-6:15pm.

My pulse was high for all of my blood pressure measurements on Saturday, due to Friday’s poor nutrition and continuing the trend at lunch on Saturday. I had stomach issues all day, was feverish, and was very thirsty. I did not measure my blood sugar after eating, but these symptoms seem consistent with blood sugar problems. In the blog I referenced earlier, I did measure my blood sugar after a similar meal and it hit 200mg/dL and stayed there for a while before coming back down.

I decided to estimate the carbs and sugar that I ingested. Luckily, restaurant data was available for me to use as a basis. I calculated that I consumed a total of 110g net carbs containing 42g of sugar. I ate tortilla chips, guacamole, a small amount of grilled meat and veggies in a bowl, two margarita martinis made with lime juice only (no sweet and sour mix), and a small ice cream sandwich.

I understand that my meal isn’t going to win any health awards, but I don’t feel it’s horrid enough to make me feel the way it did!

What on Earth is going on with my body? Why can’t I deal with consuming carbohydrates these days? This never happened when I was eating horribly in the past, and I know I ate a lot of carbs at times!  Did lowering my insulin level so much break me when it comes to eating sugar now? It almost feels like I have caused type-1 diabetes for myself, although that sounds silly.  Something is happening; I just don’t understand it.

I want to wear a continuous glucose monitor so I can better understand what’s happening to my blood sugar after I eat carbs. I am supposed to be involved in a research study that will provide this, but it hasn’t started yet. I literally cannot wait because this is beyond crazy to me!! If the research study doesn’t happen soon, I might have to figure out how to get a continuous glucose monitor for my own research!

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