Happy Birthday to Me

Thursday was my 44th birthday and it ended up being a three-day, poor-eating marathon.  That was after starting this 90-days struggling nutritionally.  My blood pressure has also gone up.  I haven’t isolated the problem yet, but my suspicion is that it’s because I started DHEA supplements again.  I just can’t say that with any certainty because my eating has been less than stellar.  My birthday week hasn’t helped.

You put it all together and my 14-day weight progress looks like this:


Ouch… I get that the correlation isn’t great and that three points are driving the trend (the highest being this morning’s weight), but I really don’t like it.  I am very glad that I am fasting today after my three-day birthday festivities and that I am going to clean up my nutrition to see what’s driving my increasing blood pressure.

Slight detour, but luckily I know what to do – better yet, what not to do, to get back in gear!!  I just have to do it!

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