My 2nd 90-Day Goals

Now that I’ve finished my first Three Months!!, it’s time to start looking at the next phase of my transformation.  I bought a different planner for my second 90-day challenge and did all of the introductory soul searching the last few days of the previous challenge. I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go with my goals, but the planner helped me see deeper into my motivations, talents, and purpose. I choose one sub-goal that encompasses my original plans for this 90-day period, but my overall goal was not what I expected it to be.

My main goal for this 90-days is: “Leading others, by example, to make positive changes regarding their health and well-being to help fulfill my God-given purpose.”  I’ll use this blog to give you some insight into who I am what I enjoy.

My passion has always been to help people learn. In college, I majored in chemistry and went on to obtain a PhD, but only because I wanted to be a professor. The idea of teaching excited me, so much so that I considered doing my dissertation in the area of chemical education.  I didn’t, and stuck with a more traditional approach, but it was a serious consideration.

When I first started teaching college, I did not embody the goal I now have for myself. I was teaching Earth science and so afraid of looking like I didn’t know the material (I was literally learning everything as I taught it) that I came across as arrogant. I was too proud to tell my students the truth. When they didn’t score as well on my exam as I thought they would, I did not handle it with humility, but rather I expressed my frustration at them in a condescending manner.

A non-traditional student stood up during my class and told me, “I’m old enough to be your mother, how dare you talk down to us like that.” That was my first lesson in teaching – you can’t talk down to your students. My student evaluations were terrible that summer, but over the years I taught, they improved.

I was a much better Earth science instructor and thankfully, I taught chemistry, and while not everyone appreciated my enthusiasm, most of my students found me to be helpful. I still struggled with those who disliked me, too young to realize you will never please everyone. I also didn’t make a lot of money, so after a few years of teaching college, I took a new job.

My passion for helping people learn continued in my next position as a technical service specialist for a scientific instrument company. I was still pretty naive and thought this position would have all of the benefits of teaching, but I would be teaching people who wanted to learn!

How silly that idea was, but again; most of my customers appreciated me, but I still continued to rub some people the wrong way. I even got banned from a chemical plant for giving unwanted advice to a customer to “help” them, when honestly, they didn’t want to make positive changes. I grew a lot at this job, but after 5 years, it was time to settle down and work for the federal government.

When I started ad a chemist, the entire lab thought I was crazy because I came in with so much energy and wanted to “fix” the government and our lab. I also had insane expectations for myself in terms of quality of work and production. I made a lot of mistakes early on, but I work with some amazing people and they called me out when I needed it.

I’ve been a supervisor now for three and a half years and I have grown so much. I haven’t “arrived” yet, and I’ll continue to improve (I hope) as time goes on, but I truly care about my people and want to help them grow. However, I have learned an important lesson – the people I supervise have to want them same things I do in order for me to be successful. If we aren’t on the same page, motivating them becomes quite the challenge.

The best way I’ve learned to encourage my people is to lead by example. Helping people with their nutrition and health choices is. I different. The only way I can be effective is to be humble and recognize that I’m on the exact same path they are and do my best to lead a healthy life.

The fact that I struggle and don’t have it a together is actually a positive, because it helps me relate to other people. Healthy living is hard, especially in today’s society, especially considering the prevalence of metabolic disease. It’s important to be able to understand the struggles of others by listening to their concerns and realizing that I’ve been there too (maybe like three days ago).

It doesn’t help anyone for me to think I have it together because Lord knows that I’m inconsistent. I should and will strive to be more consistent, but what’s most important is to be real.

I also have to allow people to be ready to be helped and not force my unsolicited advice on them until the time is appropriate. Creating change is on the schedule of the person changing, not mine!

I am excited about this next 90-days because I think I will not only continue to improve my health, but I desire to grow in a way that will make me more effective to helping others. That’s always been my desire; I just had to grow up a lot in order to fulfill it. I look forward to continuing to improve in this area.

My sub goals for this 90-days all relate to the main goal. They are:

Address my issues of stress and digestion:  I still have concerns about my own health that I need to work through. That will never stop!

Learn all I can from A&P and more:  Knowledge is power. I can never stop learning and never stop using what I learn to help others. I can blog, make presentations, make handouts and quick guides, as well as other teaching material.

Begin a wellness coach program:  Not only do I want to keep learning science, I also want to learn to be a more effective coach. I think this will be vital to helping people in the future.

I hope you will join me as I blog through the next 90-days, and if you’re new to my blog, I would encourage you to read some of my posts from the past 90-days.  I would encourage you to start with Metabolic Triad – Insulin, Who Knew… to understand my motivation for my challenge, and then move to January Fast – Starting Clean to see where I started.  You can also read my latest blog (which I linked at the top, Three Months!!).  My two most popular blogs from the last challenge were Shift in Mindset and the first blog I posted yesterday, 1st 90-Day Challenge – Goal 1 Not Met.  I certainly don’t understand what brings people from WordPress, as many of my blogs are read by no one, but some seem to receive publicity… Maybe I need to add “understanding WordPress” to my 90-day goals!!  I have an archive that goes back to 2017, with my first post: My Story.  Feel free to look around!

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