1st 90-Day Challenge – Goal 3 Met

When I started this 90-day journey, I came up with five goals that I shared. They were as follows:

  1. “Have an abdomen measurement of less than 30 inches”.
  2. “Develop a derailment plan that will successfully get me back on the wagon when I lose focus.”
  3. “Exercise at least 150 minutes per week and enjoy it.”
  4. “No longer need to take nerve pain medication.”
  5. “Find 100 go-to foods for emergencies.” This goal was revised two months in to be “Increase knowledge of physiological processes related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. and counsel friends on what I learn.” You can read more about the change here.

This is my last week of the challenge, and since I have data for 12 full weeks, I am ready to write my 3rd blog on my goals, this one covering Goal 3.  When I started this challenge, my relationship with exercise was pretty strained.  I did Tae-Kwan-Do and walked some.  I was still in denial over not being able to lift heavy weights at CrossFit and still had intentions of going back to Olympic lifting.  You can read more about that Feeling Disappointed…

When I started this challenge, I was barely exercising; I would go to TKD when I could and do a little walking – nothing too exciting.  Early in the challenge, I went to a BodyPump class and that went terribly.  I think that was the final reality I needed in order to embrace a lower intensity workout.  Ever since, I have done more yoga and less of anything else, and honestly, I think it’s working for me.  I’ve touched on this subject several times, the most recently and most detailed musings in the blog Blood Pressure – Also on the Decline.  This blog will take the data from the 10-weeks presented there and expand for the remainder of the challenge.

Week Exercise (minutes) Yoga* (minutes)
0 60 0
1 115 60
2 50 50
3 45 0
4 100 50
5 130 100
6 60 60
7 170 170
8 220 220
9 170 170
10 330 330
11 440 440
12 410 410

*This column includes yoga, Body Flow, and one Pilates reformer class, since I feel they are all similar in nature.

I have decided that I absolutely love yoga!  I also believe it’s helped me with my resting heart rate, my stress, and my overall well-being and happiness. It likely also makes me more tolerable to be around!!

Last night, I attended both Body Flow and Hot Yoga; I have done the two classes sequentially the past two weeks because the temperature starts to rise during the Body Flow class to be at temperature for the Hot Yoga class and I decided I enjoy the “pre-heat” stage.  Body Flow was an excellent warm-up for a challenging Hot Yoga class last night.  During the class, we had the choice to do a Sun Salutation during repeats of all poses, or when instructed by the teacher.  This was the closest class to Power Yoga that I’ve experienced since I was much younger.  I felt strong and light on my feet when I jumped to plank and out of downward dog.  It was really great!!

I wanted to finish with a video my friend took of me doing an “Angel Flip” in Aerial Yoga. The video may appear to be in the wrong orientation, but it should play fine when you click it.  I am ready for my Cirque du Soleil career!!!  Okay, maybe not, but how fun would that be?!?  And, all of this fun and I haven’t even started taking ballet classes yet!

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