Fasting, Part 1 – History

Years ago, I did my first one-day fast. It was a corporate fast for someone who attended my former church. Even though I had moved away, I thought it would be good to join the congregation in their fast. Unfortunately, the day of the fast corresponded to a day where I participated in a training event that included going out to lunch. I had never fasted before, and I was forced to sit in a seafood restaurant and watch everyone eat what appeared to be amazing food, while I enjoyed my water. At the time, I remember thinking how hard fasting was and I really had no intention to try it again.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago. My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out the next step in our relationship. Having never been married, I was ready for that opportunity; he was much more cautious due to past problems in that department. We decided to do a liquid-only fast to press in and pray about the future. It lasted a few days and it was a much better experience than my first! I did have jury duty during that time, but I somehow made it through my restaurant problems.

Since then, I have used intermittent fasting as a way to clear my head, focus on God and prayers, and more recently, for health purposes. I’ve been reading about the beneficial aspects of fasting and the harms of it. I feel like the good outweighs the bad, so I agree with the concept. I’m not here to persuade you to agree if fasting is a good idea, I just want to share my experiences thus far.

Most of my fasts have been one day fasts with a specific goal in mind. They’ve become much easier as time as gone on. I haven’t had many problems with headaches since my I was able to reduce my caffeine addiction and it’s really not that big of a deal to go without food for one day. I finally got brave enough to try two days and that went equally as well. In fact, after it was time to break the fast, I got caught up in taking care of something, so I had to wait longer than anticipated – and it was fine. I survived.

During that fast, I told my friends what I was doing, as we had a breakfast meeting and I did not eat. I mentioned that I wanted to try a 5-10 day fast in the future. They seemed skeptical – okay, more accurately, they thought I was crazy – and encouraged me to talk to my doctor before doing that. I agreed because I knew what I wanted to use that fast to see what changed from a blood chemistry perspective, and I would want him to order the tests from me.

Well, I tried the five day fast as a proof of concept…. Stay tuned for how it went!!

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