Six Months and Going Strong

When I signed up for my two long-term Diet Bets six months ago, I knew the losing weight part would be the easier task, but that keeping it off would be a challenge. I mean, that’s how dieting always works – you do great when you’re following a plan, but as soon as you go rogue, all bets are off. Of course, this was how my Diet Bets started, but luckily, they’ve ended on a positive note and that’s encouraging going forward.

The HealthyWage Diet Bet was very straightforward: lose 10% in six months. The cost was $20/month, so $120 total and the prize was $214 for making your goal weight. There were no intermediate weigh in, no accountability, nothing, just me and the scale and time… lots of time.

I did weigh in “unofficially” during the time frame, but mostly to match what I was entering in the WayBetter Diet Bet. During the weigh out period, I did my final weight (these are videos) and am awaiting my payment. $94 profit – not bad!

The WayBetter Diet Bet was $25/month for six months, or you could pay $125 up front and save a little. I chose to pay the $125. There were 431 players in my Diet Bet and the total pot was $55,000! Half of that pot was allocated for the 6-month goal, and the other half was divided into five portions for monthly accountability. The rounds required different amounts of weight loss ending up with 10%. This is the results for the six rounds:

Round Goal Pot Size Winners Amount Won
1 3% $5637.50 299 $14.14
2 6% $5525.00 178 $23.54
3 8% $5425.00 152 $26.77
4 9% $5350.00 125 $32.10
5 10% $5275.00 133 $29.75
6 10% $27787.50 128 $162.82

The total won was $289.12 or subtracting my initial investment, a profit of $164.12. The money was paid fast and is now happily in my checking account!

I definitely liked the WayBetter Diet Bet better than HealthyWage one, not only because I made more money, but it also made the competition more fun by breaking it down in chunks. Regardless, they were both excellent accountability for me and I’m certainly not going to complain about making $258.12 to do something I wanted to do anyway!

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