Go-To Foods, 11-20

For my second post, I am going to start with my favorite vegetables and then do some meats and a snack.

11.  Asparagus

You can see my thoughts on this, in my previous blog Foods I Love – Asparagus.  You can sauté these in a skillet, or broil them in the oven, both using an appropriate oil.  Add a little garlic (see number 15) and you’re good to go!

12.  Hot Peppers

I love hot peppers so much that we grow a variety of them at home.  We have grown jalapeños, habaneros, Moruga scorpion, NuMex orange, Hatch chilis, and so many others that I cannot think of right now.  I have learned that everything tastes better with hot peppers!  I like them raw, sautéed in an appropriate oil, baked, broiled, anyway possible.  I do not like them with cream cheese or ranch dressing, which is a really good thing!

13.  Squash

I only got a couple of types of squash for my picture, but I should have included a spaghetti squash, because when prepared well, they are fantastic.  You just have to be careful to make sure the moisture is cooked out, or it can be kinda soggy.  I really love yellow or zucchini squash.  You can cut them up and sauté them in an appropriate oil, or make them into “noodles”, using a spiralizer.

14.  Baby carrots (well, carrots in general)

I am not a huge fan of peeling things, so I prefer baby carrots, but regular carrots are fine too, especially for cooking.  Baby carrots make an excellent dipper for anything really, including hummus, salsa, guacamole, beans, pretty much anything I can come up with.  Again, not a fan of ranch dressing, which is good!

15.  Garlic

Like hot peppers, I like garlic in basically anything and everything is made much more palatable if it’s loaded with garlic.  I am definitely safe from vampires!!  I like garlic by itself when it is roasted and pickled (especially with hot peppers in the vinegar – I’ve never tried a pickled hot pepper, but they sure flavor the garlic nicely).

16.  Applegate Chicken and Apple Sausage

I stumbled upon this gem when I did my first Whole30 because it made a quick and easy compliant breakfast!  It’s really quite tasty and you can even taste the apple pieces in it.  Several of their other flavors have added sugars, but this one doesn’t, likely because of the apple juice concentrate.  Usually, I’m not a juice fan because of the sugar, but it’s such a small amount (I feel the same way about sugar when it’s used as an ingredient, the Whole30 just disagreed), but it only ends up being 3g of sugar per serving, so that’s reasonable.

Ingredients:  organic chicken, organic dried apples, sea salt, organic vinegar, baking soda, organic apple juice concentrate, organic spices, organic garlic

17.  Applegate No Sugar Uncured Bacon

I think I found this after my last Whole30, but it’s definitely a winner.  It’s minimal on ingredients, but it still tastes good!  I prefer the sausage, mostly because it’s easier to cook.  I’ve never been a fan of cooking bacon, but if someone else prepares it, I’m all about eating it!

Ingredients:  pork, water, sea salt, celery powder

18.  Best Maid Garden Fresh Pickles

I’ve never made my own pickles, but I have had several from other people who have made them.  I have never been a fan.  That may be because most people tend to make sweet pickles, and I don’t like those.  I have had pickles that were made naturally and sold at farmer’s markets and other type places, and those have been great.  I just wanted to look at the grocery store for something with no weird ingredients that still tasted good. This was the best I found.  Everything I have been reading lately speaks really highly of vinegar, as it seems to help your insulin and glucose response when combined with carbohydrates (it’s protective, like fiber).  Calcium chloride is just a salt that ionizes in aqueous solution, so no worries there either.  Pickles are great for salt cravings and can be flavored in a variety of ways (like spicy from being pickled with hot peppers).

Ingredients:  cucumber slices, water, distilled vinegar, sea salt, garlic, onion, red pepper, celery seed, turmeric, calcium chloride

19.  Shrimp

I love shrimp and I love that my grocery store uses responsibly farmed or wild caught varieties.  Shrimp is an excellent source of protein, and the red ones (on the right) kind of taste like lobster!  I will eat shrimp cooked in a variety of ways, from sautéed to boiled, plain or in an appropriate marinade.  I also think having them cold in that HEB pico would be great (see Go-To Foods, 1-10 for pictures and ingredients).

20.  Chicken

Chicken is my other go-to protein and while I am slowly improving in the quality of chicken, I haven’t gone completely to the free roaming farm chicken…yet.  I did talk to someone just today about the difference it makes in getting chicken straight from the farm, as the taste apparently changes when the salt solution is added to more commercial chicken.  For now, the HEB Natural chicken is fine, but that may change.  While I preferred the price of the $2/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, having antibiotic and preservative free chicken is worth a little more.  I did learn that hormones and steroids are not allowed in any commercially available chicken.  It even says so on the bottom of the package.  I just don’t know exactly what “minimally processed” means.

20 down, 80 more to go!!

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