Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Okay, now I’m hungry….

Seriously though, the first DietBet is in the books and I squeezed out a win, although I cut it way too close for comfort!!

Tuesday was the first day of the weigh-in period, so I wanted to get the weight done as soon as possible, in case there were issues. Thankfully I did this because it didn’t go smoothly! I got on the scale at work and I was so close to the goal weight that I had to get a colleague to hold my phone to take the scale picture, or else I would not have met my goal!!

He takes the picture, but it’s more of a full-body shot. Even though it was taken from behind, I thought it would work for the full-length picture, so we took a new close up of my feet and the scale weight, as instructed.

I submitted the pictures and decided I would do a new DietBet, since I cut that one so close and I felt there was room to lose another 4% in four weeks. I hoped I could use my final weight from this StepBet as the initial bet of the next one, but no such luck.

I found a new DietBet that was a higher-stake wager and it started the next day. I signed up and then had breakfast, thinking it would ask for my weight the next day. After breakfast, I was surprised to get an email that encouraged me to weigh-in now.

I weighed in 1.1 pounds higher than my earlier weigh-out for the first bet. I then noticed two things that concerned me…. One, the new StepBet was being hosted by the same people as the one I was finishing. I immediately became afraid they would think I was cheating because of the weight discrepancies. And then, I read the submission guidelines for the new bet and saw that the full-length picture had to include your face. I looked back at my weigh-out from earlier and my hair covered my face!

I knew things were suspicious now, so I sent StepBet an email explaining what happened and waited for my weight rejections. I was surprised that my higher initial weight was accepted (likely because I followed the rules on that one), but my weigh-out was, in fact, declined.

The new problem was that I couldn’t repeat my weigh-out immediately because my post-breakfast weight was not compliant! I needed time to have my weight decease back to where I started the day, but I didn’t want to wait too long because I was afraid the judge would think I was cheating.

I waited until right before lunch and I was back below the goal and able to submit my weight again. Phew!!!

It was approved and today, I received the exciting news and my earnings! For my $35 investment (actually $40 because i paid an extra $5 to see what being a member was like), my total payout was $45.69. I would have profited $10.69 had I not had the membership, or in this case, I made $5.69.

Let’s assume I didn’t have the membership. $10.69 on a $35 wager is a 30.5% return on investment. That’s pretty good. Better yet, I lost some weight, and that’s really good!

However, the big winner in this StepBet was the WeighBetter company. There were 188 people who made a StepBet for $35 each. 108 people successfully completed the bet. The initial pot was $6580.

WeighBetter’s cut of this pot was 25%, so they made $1645. Congratulations on your big win, WayBetter!!’ I’m just thankful that you didn’t get my money!

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