Just Keep Moving…

I am 24-25 days into three of my diet bets (my DietBet four-week bet ends next week) and 25-28 days into my first step bets.  I am on target to win all of my wagers, but this has been an interesting ride so far!

I have been using my work scale for weigh-ins, so I only weigh myself officially on weekdays.  I also weigh myself in the morning at home, since I can better control my attire, or lack thereof, for the weight.  My weight started declining from the beginning, but it was definitely a slow and steady process.  In fact, on Monday, I noticed that I was only 75% to my four-week goal and 75% into the challenge.  I didn’t have that large initial water weight loss at the beginning that helps keep me motivated.

I am not exactly sure why this happened.  My first thought is that I had already been trying to make better nutritional choices before starting the wagers, so my body didn’t experience a “shock” of going on a diet.  In fact, in my mind, this isn’t a diet, rather an opportunity to find the boundaries of what I can and cannot eat.  As such, I made a couple less than positive choices on the weekends, so maybe that didn’t resolve itself completely in time for my week-day weigh-ins.

One culprit I noticed was movie theatre popcorn!  I don’t know if it was the salt, the fake butter, or the oil it was popped in, but even eating a small amount had a definite impact on my weight!

Another theory is that I am working out more, so maybe I am gaining muscle.  However, I haven’t done a ton of lifting and what I have done is pretty basic stuff to mostly strengthen my back and core, so that’s not really going to build muscle.  Additionally, I’ve done a lot of walking for my step bets, so again, that should burn calories, not build muscles.

I was a little concerned, so I tried to make sure I didn’t over-indulge.  At the movies on Sunday, I brought Skinny Pop with me.  I haven’t had alcohol (beer on Friday didn’t go well); I haven’t eaten out; I haven’t had many frivolous snacks (small pieces of chocolate, but nothing crazy).  But, I haven’t deprived myself either.  Monday and Tuesday’s weights were inline with what I have been seeing all month.  However, something changed….

My last two weigh-ins have been simply amazing!!  My weight went down 1.2 pounds yesterday and 1.6 pounds today… 2.8 pounds in two days, after a month of slow decline!!  I would like to say it’s the amazing chicken lettuce wraps and tomato salad that my husband made and I’ve been enjoying for the past two days.  I mean, if so, I will eat it every day!  It was so good!!  But, honestly, there was nothing in it that was super-special and different from the healthy foods we have been eating.  I’m not more or less hydrated, as I have been drinking consistent amounts through the wagers.

Maybe my body just doesn’t believe this is all for real and wanted to hold onto the weight to make sure I was serious?  Maybe it thought it wanted to actually see if I could be consistent before the initial water weight was dropped.  I have no idea, but I am much more relieved with my scale numbers.  As of this morning, I am ~1.5pounds below my four-week goal weight (maybe even more, I actually wore relatively heavy clothes to work today because I knew my weight was decreasing).  Now, I just have to maintain it until our final weigh-in next week, while continuing to progress on my other challenges.

I definitely am more comfortable now that the scale and I are on the same page… Now, I just have to make sure I don’t go celebrate with some queso, movie theatre popcorn or a beer!!

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