Feeling Disappointed…

I used to be very involved in CrossFit and while I have come to accept that I will likely not do CrossFit again, I am not ready to accept that I cannot do Olympic lifts or full-body weightlifting.  Maybe somewhere in the back of mind, I knew this was coming, and maybe that’s why I haven’t been in much of a hurry to return to working out…

Yesterday, I decided to join a Gold’s Gym near my office.  We are members of our local YMCA and it’s reopened partially after flooding during Hurricane Harvey, but I haven’t gone back yet.  We get 3 hours of fitness time per week from work, and I prefer to do it during the work day to break up the monotony.  My timing means that the Y isn’t the best option for me, so I have been doing things on my own (walking, yoga, nothing complicated).  My “routine” has become boring, so I decided to change things up by joining the gym!

Apparently the rule at Gold’s Gym is you have to get a fitness assessment in order to get your membership card to work out on your own.  I also got a couple of training sessions and a free month of a group training class from my membership.  I didn’t really need those, but paying more up-front (to lower my monthly rate) came with these “perks”.

I went for my assessment today and it was quite disheartening.  I will admit that I gave the fitness manager a pretty hard time because I’m stubborn and set in my ways.  He was a good guy and as the appointment went on, I realized he had no ulterior motives for everything that he was saying.  I just didn’t like what he had to stay – more precisely, I don’t want to believe what he had to say.

I was much better with the feedback on my weight and body fat than the reality that was presented to me.  It’s easier to accept “bad” news that you know you can do something about instead of disappointing news that you just need to accept.

At the beginning of the meeting, I filled out a form that asked about my problem areas, training experience, and health conditions.  I made it clear that I wasn’t looking to become a personal training client and that I was knowledgeable about training.  I was honest about my physical issues related to my lower back, but knew I could overcome that.

The fitness manager than asked me questions about my nutrition and my exercise plans.  I answered honestly about my eating habits and told him that I wanted to do barbell training utilizing whole-body exercises.  That didn’t go over well and progressed into a long discussion on lower-back issues, the evils of CrossFit, and the fact that I will cause additional injury from doing that form of training.  Contrary to what the fitness manager likely thought, I listened, I just don’t want to hear that I cannot do those things – like ever again.

I get that I have to start off slow and rebuild the supporting muscles.  I don’t plan on lifting heavy, but I do like the efficiency of compound exercises.  I understand the importance of core work and high intensity training and intend to do that as well.  I just love barbell lifts and I’m good at them.  My body is great at building muscle and I am strong (well, not currently, but I gain strength pretty easily)!  I am not ready to consider myself as “injured” and as a result, have to modify workouts.  Maybe one day, but not now.  I want to be young and fit, able to do all of the crazy things I enjoy

…except CrossFit.  I have already come to terms with the fact that I will not do CrossFit anymore.  My back and my bladder have issues with that and I’ve accepted it.  I am just not willing to accept that I can’t lift the way I know my body can lift.

I’m not mad at you Mr. Golds Gym Fitness manager, and I’m not going to hurt myself.  I did listen and take in every word you said… I enjoyed our time together and my “assessment”.  I just don’t like being told what I can and cannot do!  I hope I can prove you wrong.


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