Foods I Love – Steel Cut Oats and Banana Milk

My mother-in-law suggested that I try steel cut oats to help my digestive issues. Considering I’m not a huge oatmeal fan (unless you count Quaker apples and cinnamon), I wasn’t sure. She mentioned that you needed to soak them overnight and I found a recipe for that. My husband made them Sunday night and Monday morning, finished them, subbing banana milk for regular milk.

As an aside, I love banana milk… only six ingredients: water, organic banana purée, organic roasted sunflower seed butter, sea salt, organic cinnamon, gellan gum. H-E-B stopped selling it, but you can get it at Randall’s and WholeFoods. It comes in chocolate also, but then you add organic evaporated sugar cane juice and organic Dutch process cocoa to the ingredients (and sunflower seeds, not the sunflower seed butter) but that’s not the end of the world for chocolate! It’s only 60 calories per cup for the regular and 90 for the chocolate.

I had the oats for dinner last night, adding a banana and a little almond butter and I have to say, they were amazing!! Who would have thought?

Here’s the recipe we used:

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