Filling in Some Gaps

I realized that I haven’t written in two months and a lot has happened in that time.  I also noticed that because of the allergy detour, I never explained how the Roma Fast ended.  It may take some time to catch up, as lately, I have spent most of my free time researching and learning new things, not writing.  I don’t want to neglect that, but I do find balance and write more.

The end of the Roma Fast didn’t go well.  The redness and itchiness continued, which is actually what led me to make the allergist appointment to get allergy tests done.  In addition, I tried switching from chicken to salmon to see if chicken was the problem.  However, I got really sick from the digestive fallout of that.  I’m not sure why, honestly, as the salmon was actually a better nutritional balance than the chicken, so maybe it was preparation or I had a virus.  Regardless, that’s why I stopped a week in.  Also, it wasn’t working, so it gave me an opportunity to regroup.

As far as the allergy stuff, I have a new mattress (something we planned for a while) and my pillows and mattress are all encased in these really fancy (read expensive) dust mite covers that came from Germany.  They are the smallest mesh that’s made and they’re so good they even keep dust mite poop out – ewww, I know….  This has definitely helped and for several nights after having everything in place, I slept well.  My back is definitely more comfortable on the new mattress, so that’s great.  I don’t sleep well every night now, but it’s better than it was.  Also, my congestion is better and I am not taking any antihistamines (or any medications, other than Fish Oil).  I still think I have histamine-type issues, as a tiny poke by my cat on Saturday made a bump on my wrist that’s still visible four days later, but I haven’t investigated them further.

I did some blood work in early May and there were some problems; some currently resolved, and others on the mend.  I went to a new GI for all my digestive symptoms and he did some additional blood work and ultrasounds.  I just found out that answer, but I will write about all of that soon.

Finally, I had my DNA sequenced and have been trying to understand how my SNPs may be related to my health and I definitely see the connection between genomics and nutrition!  In fact, I have enjoyed studying this so much for my needs that I want to help other people learn these connections for themselves!  It’s really fascinating and while this is a newer area of research, I believe its the wave of the future.  I think personalized nutrition is the answer for our individual health needs.  The reason elimination diets, like the Whole30, work is because they cut out so much.  They just aren’t meant to be sustainable, but only to help us learn which ingredients are problematic for each of us.  But, after 30 days of being super restrictive, it’s hard to be disciplined during the reintroduction phase, so that data gets muddy.  Maybe if we know what our potential health issues or food triggers are in advance, we can eat in a way that helps improve our health, rather than make it worse.

While I haven’t solved all of my problems, I do know what’s going on and have incentive to make the changes that will restore my health.  Unfortunately, it appears as if I am genetically predisposed to certain issues, and so not always choosing good nutrition has had more of an affect on me than it would other people.  Stay tuned, as I am super-excited about everything I am learning!!

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