“Roma Diet”, Day 5

What a week…. Normal people don’t decide to start a super-restrictive eating plan a couple of days before their birthday and then have all kinds of family things to deal with at the same time.  If there was ever a time some food and alcohol would have made a day better, it was yesterday, but somehow I stuck to my plans on my birthday…

Things have remained the same since Monday.  I still itch and turn red after I eat.  Today, I have separated food items to see if I could find out what’s causing it.  So far, the grapes have been fine, as have the potatoes and the carrots.  Essentially all that is left is the chicken, and I will try that towards the end of writing this (I want some time separation between each item to see if something happens).

I have stopped taking all medication to see if that’s it.  I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but I haven’t seen a change in my blood pressure without the medicine, as compared to with it, so I think it should be fine.  I probably shouldn’t have stopped the Cymbalta, it turns out, because I am really sore all-over and there’s really no explanation for it.  My back has been hurting more than it used to, and sometimes I feel it in my neck and shoulders.  I went to Tae-Kwan-Do on Monday and my muscles just weren’t like usual.  I felt like someone who has never stretched, when I was perfectly warmed-up and ready to go.  It was so painful to me.  My left hand hasn’t be as numb as I’ve experienced before, but it really hurts.  Yesterday, I went for a massage and it was the same thing, everything was so tight.  I don’t know what’s going on, but maybe the Cymbalta was doing more than it seemed like it was.

I also miss the wakefulness medicine, but last night, even without it, I slept a few hours without waking up (it took forever to be comfortable enough to fall asleep) and it may have been more if it wasn’t for that silly work thing I have to do… As far as not being able to fall asleep, that’s unusual for me, but it has been a pretty stressful period since I started this eating plan.  Maybe that’s responsible for the soreness too?

I don’t want to reintroduce the medicines right now, as they only complicate things.  But, I may need to give them another chance after I start getting some answers, especially if my blood pressure starts increasing.

So about the chicken… it didn’t seem as dramatic as I’ve felt it over the past few days, but I definitely felt some hotness to my face after eating it.  Maybe that’s the problem?  I’m so limited on protein sources on this eating plan, I don’t know what to do…. dark meat turkey will likely be similar (I would think), I don’t thin I can do “liver and organ meats,” which is why I didn’t mention them in the last blog.  I guess there’s always the fish options that I am willing to try, and/or checking out “rice protein” or “pea protein” to see if they are low FODMAP.

Never a dull moment….

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