Whole30 #2, Day 23

This Whole30 has been great!  I definitely feel more energized, especially during workouts and while I am not sleeping great, I am sleeping well enough to get by.  My back does still hurt (especially after sitting down for very long periods of time), but it doesn’t seem as bad as before.

The most exciting part is my work pants are wearable again.  I had to borrow someone’s uniform pants in June because I couldn’t wear mine (and last November – prior to my previous Whole30, when I last wore them, they were terribly uncomfortable).  It is always an ego boost to have your clothes fit you correctly!

I am considering trying to find a way to stay mostly gluten-free after this Whole30 is done.  I am still not ready to completely give up beer, but I definitely think that my stomach appreciates the gluten-free aspect of the Whole30.  My boss and I had a conversation about the book “Wheat Belly” and I started reading it and it makes a lot of sense.  A lot of changes have been made to wheat plants to make them more sustainable and those changes were never tested.  The timing of everything seems to correspond to the increase in obesity in the United States, as well as the increase in people being diagnosed with celiacs,  It also seems that side effects other than stomach issues can be caused from gluten.  I don’t know if I have a problem specifically with gluten or wheat, but my stomach will attest to preferring the gluten free lifestyle.

Maybe there’s a way to have wheat/gluten in moderation?

I’ve been on a sparking water kick for the last two weeks.  I went to a play and they sold Perrier, and I saw someone buy one.  I started thinking that sparking water sounded like a nice distraction from regular water (because that’s all I was drinking for the Whole30).  I remember, when I was younger, sparking water was the most awful thing I’ve ever had, so my expectations were low, but I tried one and it was surprisingly refreshing.  I’ve been on a sparking water kick ever since, trying all kinds of varieties that only contain carbonated water and natural flavorings.  It’s been great!  I can appreciate the subtle flavors and have found them refreshing!

Yesterday, a colleague of mine wanted me to try her sparking water.  I went through all of the questions about ingredients and she said it only contained carbonated water and natural flavors.  I took a sip…barely let the liquid touch my lips and pushed it away.  The artificial sweeteners were so overpowering.  I knew her “water” contained other ingredients, so I went to the refrigerator and checked the ingredients and sure enough, aspartame was present.  It was such a strong, overpowering sweetness that I couldn’t drink it.  I’m glad I didn’t drink it!

I’m excited to see that my tastes have changed so much that something (aspartame) that I loved to drink in my Diet Coke now overpowers my senses enough that I can taste it on my lips.  That’s a definite win for the Whole30!!

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