Baby Steps

My three week business trip provided many opportunities for poor nutrition.  Honestly, I am glad that I decided to stop the Whole30 prior to going, as it would have definitely affected the team atmosphere of the class.  I wasn’t entirely bad – I purposely chose not to contribute to the “snack fund” so I wouldn’t graze on junk food every day.  I also exercised daily (it was mandated, which was awesome) and came up with some goals to get back into weight training.  They are as follows:

“My personal goal is to lift weights an average of 2-3 per week over the next 6-months to regain my strength and muscular endurance.  After 6-months, my goal is to be able to squat 200 pounds for a one-rep-max, clean and jerk 100 pounds for a one-rep-max and do 50 pull-ups (broken sets and kipping allowed).”

After the class, it was two weeks of celebration to send off my step-son for boot camp in the Coast Guard.  He will graduate July 14th and I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s doing.  We will be going up there for the graduation and I am so excited to see how far he’s come!

The summer will be busy with the trip to Cape May, baseball (my son will be playing on both the high school summer team and his showcase team), camp for the youngest, and overall, just wanting to spend more quality time with my husband.  I am still not ready to commit to another Whole30, as I want to enjoy this season of my life (and the Whole30 makes me a little too rigid to get along well with most people), but I do want to make some changes so that I fit more comfortably in my clothes….

I rejoined CrossFit with my 15 year old son.  He is under orders from the varsity baseball coaches to add some muscle.  I cannot think of a better program for him.  He will love the variety, but most importantly the competitiveness.  We went to our first class together yesterday.  So far, I am not as sore or in as much pain as I expected.  My back, hips, and legs are still giving me problems, but a year of not lifting weights hasn’t improved things, so might as well see if putting some muscle back will help.  I am taking things much more slowly and not pushing myself, but I feel like I can still get a quality workout without overdoing it.

I stocked up on limited ingredient real foods for breakfast and lunch at work.  My husband and I plan to start cooking dinner together more, as it is healthier and good for our relationship.  I am going to start the day with protein and a piece of fruit.  I am limiting processed carbs and expect the majority of my non-fruit/veggie carbs to come from beer.  I am not ready to give that up right now.  I am also not ready to be rigid.  As I said, the Whole30 makes me a little too legalistic to be around my family and friends, but maybe I can just start learning to make better choices….

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