Whole30 #2, Day 5

I got a new sleep tracker that I used for the first time last night and I am impressed so far.

I was wanting a new sleep tracker since my Jawbone UP4 is about to break and it doesn’t look like Jawbone, as a company, is going to be around much longer, if they even still exist now. I was a huge Jawbone fan because they acquired a company called Body Media (I may have mentioned this) that made a arm band called the GoWearFit. It was essentially a predecessor to the fitness watch craze, and I loved mine back in the day. The only negative was you wore it on your upper arm and it looked pretty stupid – oh, and you had to pay a monthly subscription because this was ~10 years ago. However, it did a fantastic job of tracking.

The UP3 and UP4 were the first Jawbone devices that used the technology from Body Media, as well as their own and it was a great device, but it’s cracking so badly that I won’t have it much longer. I could buy a new one on Amazon for the steal of a deal of $40, but after writing that article on sleep the other day, I learned about a new device, the S+ by ResMed.

You may wonder why I didn’t want a Garmin or FitBit, since everything tracks sleep these days. The problem with many sleep trackers is they do not differentiate between deep sleep (where I struggle) and REM sleep. I wanted a device that did both. The Jawbone did, and so does the S+.

I used both last night and they were both fairly consistent on the total sleep, awake time, and deep sleep, and I think the S+ has the edge on REM sleep and light sleep, based upon how I felt I slept. The S+ also gives you a sleep score, which is pretty cool. Mine was an 82 for last night. I did score higher than I did when I took their sleep score quiz on the 7th (see my “Insomnia is not my friend” blog for more information), but then again, I have been sleeping better since starting the Whole30, having a bed to myself (my husband did return last night), and trying a new sleep aid (last night I tried the higher dose for the first time).

This is the plot from the S+:


Here is the comparison:

S+                                                UP4

Total Sleep                                       7:08                                               7:30

Awake Time                                     2:29                                               1:48

REM                                                  1:38                                                3:57

Deep Sleep                                      0:56                                                 0:44


I’ve always said that the UP4 has issue with light sleep versus awake time, and I never felt like I had the amount of REM it was suggesting, but that’s more of a “hard to feel” stat. Should be interesting to watch the continued comparison until my UP4 dies…

My sleep score was 18 points away from “perfect” and I lost all 10 points for number of disruptions, as apparently eight times awake is too many… 6 points for not enough deep sleep, 1 point for not enough REM, and 1 point for total sleep time.

I’ll take that 82 sleep score every day!! I did not sleep great. I woke up a lot and had a hard time going back to bed, but it all worked out, since I was able to sleep in a little this morning. I feel so much better than I did a week ago when I wrote that blog on insomnia!!


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