Whole30 #2, Day 4

Surprisingly on my 4th day of this Whole30, I have yet to feel any withdrawal symptoms, which means even though I was on my own for about a month and a half, my body did not get used to poor nutrition. I mean, it wasn’t like I was binge eating or anything horrible during that time, but my food choices definitely weren’t optimal.

I think the hardest part of the Daniel Fast and first Whole30 was the Diet Coke withdrawals; they were pretty brutal. I truly haven’t desired to drink my daily phosphoric acid, so that has been a definite step in the right direction.

My nutrition has been good, definitely easier the second time on the Whole30 because you know what to do. I think it will be a good reset from time to time when I feel like I am straying too much for ideal.

I definitely have desire for non-compliant foods, but so far it’s manageable. I know I will have to vary my daily nutrition as I will grow tired of the same staple foods day after day. I had steak, a baked sweet potato (I prefer them plain, so that’s great), and vegetables last night, so that was a delicious treat. But, the boiled eggs, the spiralized squash in tomato sauce, the tuna, the raw almonds, etc. will get old after a while.

My sleep length and awake time was less than perfect last night, but I still managed almost an hour of deep sleep. I’ll take it. My dog was acting particularly strange and I was worried about her overnight. She has serious allergies and the vet put her on prednisone and well, that’s been interesting. I’ve taken prednisone before and it made me literally crazy – my dog seems to be following suit. Like owner, like pet, I suppose…


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