Mike’s Birthday – Lights Out

I better be careful or else it might look like I only make choices that backfire as poor health… Yesterday was Mike’s birthday and I started the day well, but it did not end that way. Well, let’s just say it ended much earlier than it was supposed to!

We had planned to go to a beer tasting at our H-E-B grocery store, attend my son’s baseball game, go out to a late lunch, and have cake and ice cream. On Friday, we bought Mike’s birthday cake and I tried to convince him to get the one he liked, but he insisted on getting something I (and the kids) would like also.

Baseball got rained out, so that accelerated our plans. We went to H-E-B and sampled several local beers (maybe 1oz pours), so we probably had one net beer when we were done. We then went to Fiesta Azteca, one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. I ate a few chips with salsa, but not many. I ordered fajitas and carnitas, and had a couple bites of the beans and rice, and a little queso, but did not eat tortillas. I know Fiesta Azteca uses a soy-based marinade, but otherwise, I wouldn’t expect their fajitas to be too problematic. I had two sangria margaritas, on the rocks.

We went home and I had a small piece of cake (I split it with my mom, who it turns out, is on a similar nutritional journey as I am) and a small amount of this delish (and organic) bananas fosters ice cream.

After finishing, I crashed hard and had to take a nap. I would say that was around 330pm. I had my best sleep until I woke up at ~515pm when Mike came into the room and our dogs, who were napping with me, went crazy. I was still exhausted, had a headache and a stomach ache. I tried to continue sleeping with moderate success. I got up for an hour or so before going back to bed. I slept terribly the rest of the night.

When you look at it as a whole, I got 7:48 minutes of sleep last night!! In order for that to sound good, you may have to ignore the fact that my time in bed started at 330pm yesterday and lasted until 515am this morning.

Behold, the power of sugar!!


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