Random Graph…

I posted a graph each of the past two days. When looking at them together, it appears they are inversely related. So, I plotted the y-axis of each graph against each other (also adding the most recent data).

I recognize the limitations of this plot. The weight range plotted on the y-axis only spans 5.4 pounds, although maybe that’s for the best, as I’m looking at day-to-day fluctuations, not a long-term affect. There also aren’t many data points in the ultra-low sleep end of the x-axis and a fair amount of scatter. The correlation coefficient is not able to predict a linear model, but determining the quantitative relationship between sleep and weight is not my goal.

I just found it very fascinating that the trend downward seems to be significant. More sleep corresponds to a lower weight. And if this trend is true, it is also related to nutrition, as we saw two days ago, my sleep decreased on the days when my nutrition was poor.

Definitely something for me to think about….


2 thoughts on “Random Graph…

  1. Could it also be a different relationship that better sleep is related to less weight? I find I’m sleeping better now too but I’m relating it to no sugar. Also my husband is snoring way less and I’m assuming that’s from weight loss. Less snoring means better sleep for me. So in that view, his weight loss correlates to better sleep for me! All very interesting relationships.


    1. It could be any of those things. I don’t know that your body heals and processes as well when you’re not sleeping well. It’s all very fascinating to me!!

      Weight loss helps snoring, but Mike has been having success with thyme oil on his toes. Sounds silly, but it does work. And, like you said, that helps me:)


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